SOIL 4213 Precision Agriculture


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SOIL 4213

Topics in Precision Agriculture

Syllabus-Fall 2017


Class Times and Location:   M, W, F Room 225 Ag Hall, from 8:30 to 3:20


Brian Arnall, Plant and Soil Sciences

Required Special Trip:  Class will meet from 8-12 or 1-5 pm, one day during the week of TBA, at SST Software 824 N. Country Club Rd. Students will go to only one of the three days.  To make up for extra time No class will be held on campus the week of the TBA.  Students will work with advance GIS, Mapping, Scouting and Recommendation technology and take a field through an entire growing season.  Soil Sampling to Harvest.  

There will be a during class field trip on one of the class periods during the week of Apr. TBA.


Course Objectives:    This course will examine current and developing technologies in the precision agriculture and site-specific management.  The course will introduce students to the theory and practices of a rapidly changing technology and it will help prepare them research and practice in this area.


Structure:  This is a lecture course, but there will be in-class and out of class laboratory exercises to introduce the students to some of the equipment and tools used in site-specific management.  Laboratory exercises will be arranged to meet students’ schedules.


Requirements: Students should be seniors or graduate.  Students should be experienced in using ExcelTM spreadsheets.


Text:  The Precision-Farming Guide for Agriculturists 2nd Edition. Coypright 2006 by Morgan and Ess.  Class notes posted on the Internet


Grades:  Grades will be determined on the basis of quizzes, homework and outside exercises, an oral presentation, and final examination using the following distribution of points:


Percentage of Grade


25 %


15 %

Mid Term

20 %


15 %

Final Examination

25 %


The number and content of homework and outside exercises will be determined by instructor.  Grades will be assigned on the following basis:  A 90-100; B 80-89; C 70-79, D 60-69; F< 60, however the instructors reserve the right to adjust the scale as needed.



Final Examination:  Comprehensive 12-15-2017 8:00am

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