SOIL 4213 Precision Agriculture


Book: Precision Ag Basics
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Chapter 1: Introduction to Precision Ag   
Chapter 2: Variability in Agriculture
Chapter 3: Satellite Based Positioning. 
Chapter 4. Geographic Information Systems. 
Chapter 5. Yield Monitoring and Mapping
Chapter 6. Soil Variability and Fertility Management 
Chapter 8. Remote Sensing for Site-Specific Crop Management
                Using remote imagery

2017 Lectures.  

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Chapter 1: Spatial Variability
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Chapter 2. GPS
 Discussion of GPS, DPGS, and RTK.  Link AL  Link T LinkWPJD
Chapter 3. Soil Sample Methods and Soil based data
Soil Sampling Methods, Composite, Zone, Grid. Soil Measurement Tools, Soil Maps.
Chapter 4. Remote Sensing
Ground, Aerial, and Satellite Based reflectance Optical Sensing, Wave Lengths and Spectrum.
Chapter 5. Data into Decisions
Turning data, Soil, reflectance, and yield, into management decisions.
Quest Lectures
Throughout the semester specialist will be brought in and live-streamed into the classroom to discuss multiple topics.
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